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    August 10, 2010
    4:30 - 5:00am EDT  

making news on this tuesday, august 10th. >> key cone test, election day in several states. an important test of how voters are feeling. should the white house be worried? >> seafood safety. the government says gulf shrimp is oil-free, but that's not what our reporters have found. and fed up flight attendant. an end of flight rapts followed by an exit by emergency slide puts one worker in jail. good morning. voters are headed to the polls today in some key primary elections that will likely offer an accurate measure of voter discontent. >> some analysts say today's results will be critical -- a critical test of president
obama's political muscle going into the november elections. those tests will be carried out in not only connecticut but also colorado, georgia and minnesota. we have a preview. >> reporter: it's august, and already the race to november is heating up. first key primaries. some even pitting support from party heavy hitters on opposite sides. in colorado, it's obama versus clinton. >> hi, this is bill clinton. i'm supporting andrew romanoff for the u.s. senate. >> reporter: obama backs michael bennet. a loss for bennet could be an embarrassment for obama. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: it's a political smackdown in connecticut. >> i approve this message because it's time for something different. >> reporter: former world wrestling entertainment ceo linda mcmahon hopes to trade the ring for the senate. >> what i hear when i'm around in the state is not they're not concerned with soap opera story line. >> reporter: the conservative is expected to advance to november
likely pitting her against connecticut attorney general richard blumenthal. in georgia -- >> are you ready to elect a pro-life pro-second amendment commonsense constitutional conservative that will might like a momma grizzly for you. >> reporter: sarah palin supports karen handel. the biggest prize this primary day, pinning political power in your corner. voters in florida from two weeks to decide the results. early voting is already under way. >> a big day in politics. mike, thanks. a search for a dangerous fugitive and his accomplice is centered near glacier national park in montana. federal marshals did capture one of the arizona prison escapeees and brad wheelis has more. >> reporter: he is the last of
three arizona escaped convicts still on the loose. and authorities say he and a suspected accomplice are calling themselves a modern-day bonnie and clyde. >> i think they've taken the persona this is a movie. >> reporter: a $40,000 reward is being offered for the arrest of john mccluskey and his fiancee/first cousin casslyn welch. >> everyone knows what they look like. in my mind it's clearly only a matter of time. >> reporter: the 45-year-old mccluskey was serving a 15-year sentence for attempted second degree murder and other charges when he and his fellow vicks, tracy province and daniel renwick broke out of prison with the help of welch. the 35-year-old renwick was arrested in colorado. province was captured monday in me meeteetse, wyoming. >> who would ever dream they
would show up in meeteetse. >> reporter: the fugitives are believed to be white supremacists and fear they are migrating towards canada. a former bomber engineer could be facing life in prison after convicted of selling military seeks. they found noshir gowadia guilty of helping china design a stealth cruise missile. he will be sentenced in november. the case is among several involving allegations of chinese espionage in the u.s. now that the gulf of mexico is re-opening, the commercial fishermen, the seafood industry faces a monumental marketing challenge. can it convince consumers that gulf seafood is safe to eat. matt gutman went out in search of shrimp near bure ras. >> reporter: its reputation shot gulf seafood has a new cheerleader. >> we're excited fishermen can go back to work and americans can safely enjoy seafood again.
>> reporter: tell me what you think they're wrong with them. >> i think they have oil on them. i mean you see that brown. i've never seen that on shrimp even in mud. >> reporter: randy has been shrimping these waters his whole life. they said louisiana seafood is safe. >> i don't believe them. we have oil right here. right here we have oil and then they say it's safe to eat. i don't know. i don't believe i'll be eating it. maybe somebody else will. >> reporter: but officials from a half dozen federal agencies continue to insist all the seafood is safe. >> i'm quite confident it's safe. >> i'm eating a lot of it. i continue to eat it. >> reporter: but some scientists we contacted questioned the government's standards for testing. >> many consumers may not be protected from contaminants. >> reporter: folks like randy who need the work are afraid to fish. you wouldn't sell this? >> i wouldn't want to. >> reporter: but despite the concerns the fda defended its
testing and say the state and federal government are in agreement. that seafood from these waters is safe to eat. matt gutman, abc news, bure ras, louisiana. in alaska a rescue team on skis has braved whiteout conditions to rescue a group of sightseers stranded on a glacier. they have been stranded since their plane crashed about 40 miles from anchorage on the knik glacier. they are from texas and they are in good spirits. they are now hunkered down with the rescuers waiting for an end to the blizzard-like conditions. after this morning's weather from around the nation, severe storms across the upper midwest. gusty winds, golf ball-size hail and isolated tornadoes from the dakotas to chicago. scattered showers in new york and new england and heavy rain across florida. showers from memphis to little rock and more downpours in the desert southwest and in the northern rockies. >> heat advisories across the midwest and south. dallas will climb to 104.
kansas city, 98 and indianapolis, 94. 90s from new york to new orleans. 70 in seattle. 88 in boise and 107 in phoenix. and when we come back this morning, a whole new business. >> the newest recall from honda affecting hundreds of thousands of cars. on top of that trouble for one flight attendant who was first off of his flight by pulling the emergency slide. details coming up. ly moisturizi.
members of the house are interrupting their summer break to vote on a jobs bill. it provides $10 billion for teachers and 16 billion for medicaid payments to the states. democrats say it will save hundreds of thousands of jobs for teachers as well as state and local government work is. republicans say it is a giveaway to unions and does nothing for the private sector. there seems to be no question the federal reserve will leave interest rates at record lows when it meets today but investors are expecting the central bank to announce other moves to jump-start the economic recovery. the fed has a number of tools at its disposal if it decides to take action. overseas stock markets are down this morning ahead of the fed's announcement. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.2%. hong kong's hang seng is lower and in london the ftse opened lower. on wall street the dow rose 45 points on its slowest trading day of the year and the nasdaq
climbed 17 points. honda is recalling 17 million vehicles because of a problem with its ignition. it covers 2003 honda accords and civics and 2004 and 2004 versions of the element. it shifts into park and could lead to vehicles rolling away. it's the third vehicle relating to the problem. netflix is working on a deal that could make a more attractive alternative to cable tv. they are working on a digital partnership that would give it exclusive online rights from films to paramount pictures, mgm and lion's gate and stream movies like "iron man 2." apple is known for its must have gadgets but could it now be targeting exercise equipment next? the company has filed a patent for a smart bike. it has a docking station on the handlebars for an ipad or iphone and connects with sensors on the bike to give the rider some realtime information.
>> wow. that's cool. not commenting on the price points yet but saying that computers could be anywhere from $10 to 200. >> careful when you're riding too. so you don't clash. coming up next on this tuesday morning, encouraging medical news. a new test promises to predict who will get alzheimer's. >> plus drive-thru drama. who will get alzheimer's. >> plus drive-thru drama. a customer goes into a rage when
the magic's in the mix. now for a look at your morning road conditions, flooding on i-10 and 95 across florida, wet on i-94 from minneapolis to fargo and on 80 from chicago to des moines. flooding on i-40 and 70 in the four corners region and slick on i-15 in the northern rockies. and if you're flying today, you can expect airport delays in the twin city, chicago, new orleans and miami. well, a veteran flight attendant is behind bars this morning here in new york after
an air rage incident boiled over. >> the flight had just arrived from pittsburgh when the attendant apparently lost his cool in a big way. jeff pegues has more on what led to the arrest. >> reporter: steven slater was smiling when police led him away in handcuffs. >> mr. slater, why are you smiling? >> reporter: this time there would be no quick escape, unlike what police say happened when the flight attendant bailed out of the jetblue plane on the jfk tarmac. >> kind of funny. >> reporter: his neighbors can't believe what police say he did. >> it's the most ridiculous thing i heard in my life. >> reporter: flight 1052 from pittsburgh was pulling into the gate. police say slater got into an argument with a passenger about luggage in an overhead compartment. investigators say a passenger yelled, cursed and may have even hit slater, who then apparently snapped. a passenger who says he was on the plane as well wrote that slater yelled "to the passenger who just call me a expletive, expletive you.
i've been in this business 28 years and i've had it." >> it's a strange way to quit, let's put it that way, yeah. i don't think he'd be able to come back. >> reporter: according to police, slater then activated the emergency chute, jumped off the plane, headed to his jeep, and drove to his belle harbor home. >> you saw police pull up to the house? >> i did. >> reporter: where he was later arrested. slater has been a flight attendant since 1994 but he didn't start working for jetblue until two years ago, and after what police say happened on this jet blue flight, his future with the company is very much up in the air. >> he just made a bad choice there. lost his cool. >> reporter: the flight attendant, steven slater, is facing up to seven years behind bars if he's convicted on all of the charges that he's facing, and that includes reckless endangerment. by the way, authorities say that he grabbed beer before he jumped from the plane. jeff pegues, abc news, new york. here is more evidence that
while venting your rage might feel good it just doesn't pay. take a look at what happened when an ohio woman was denied her dose of morning mcnuggets. at the driveup window she was told mcnuggets were not on the breakfast menu and that's when she went berserk. she swung at employees eventually breaking the entire window. that fit of rage cost her 60 days in jail and $1,500 in damages. >> wow. big medical news this morning. there is a promising new test for diagnosing alzheimer's disease. the test involves sampling spinal fluid for certain proteins and can predict which patients with memory loss will eventually develop the disease. researchers tell abc news that while the tests adds to our understanding of the disease it's not a breakthrough. our dr. richard besser has been going through that report and will give us analysis later today on "good morning america." also, former vice president dick cheney is back home this morning after being released
from a hospital in virginia. cheney had been recovering from heart surgery last month. the operation installed a pump that helps his failing heart work. well, it is time now for sports. here's adnan virk. >> the best rivalry in baseball to most, the yankees and red sox. boston trying to close the deficit in the a.l. east. lester getting the call after the sox scored two early runs. mark teixeira got in the fourth. alex rodriguez. he went 6 1/3 shutout innings. then a drive to right center off the top of the wall for a double. the yankees would load bases. none out. after the next two batters struck out nick swisher will join them. the sox have a huge dent. still up 2-0. it's teixeira, a solo home run to right. his 26th of the year. the yankees down 2-1 at that point. but that would be as close as
they get. papelbon strikes out to end the game and they earn themselves a split. meantime, buck showalter's team hosting the white sox. paul at tkonerko and bottom of tenth, ryan roberts, a walkoff home run to right off j.j. push, his first of the year. the o' s win, 5-2. mark ellis, a ground ball to third. jose lopez turns the triple play. easy as a, b, c as the mariners win it. >> in today's morning snapshot, the gorilla who has a thing for
video games. this image was captured. it was dropped into his enclo enclosure by a little boy at the san francisco zoo. >> it wasn't long before his adopted son wanted to have a turn but no way. the big ape finally turned over the ds when a trainer showed up with what, an apple. >> ah. coming up next the stories we'll be following today including a rare trip overseas for a former president. and today's grand opening of a store dedicated to a breakfast favorite. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere... and i wondered what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves
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one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ ...made with real fruit and now with more of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. a special. now a look ahead. democrats say it will save hundreds of thousands of jobs for teachers and government workers. republicans say it is a handout to unions. voters in for states head to the polls today. in colorado, both senate seats are up for grabs. both races still too close to call. and on the democratic side president obama and former
president clinton are at odds backing different candidates. former vice president george w. bush returns to haiti. he is checking on relief work in the earthquake-shattered country. the search for two dangerous fugitives is now centered near glacier national park in montana. police say prison escapee john mccluskey and his cousin/fiancee casslyn welch consider themselves a modern day bonnie and clyde. kellogg is opening a store dedicated to pop tarts. it offered 30 new pop tart treats and the first time kellogg's has focused a store on one product and have special chefs creating these new creations. one is a pop tart sushi. they roll it it in a fruit rollup. >> that is much more appetizen that i thought it would be. oh, man. well, for some of you local news is coming up. >> for everyone else "america
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and finally this morning the quest for the next big thing. they say, of course, necessity is the mother of invention and
possibly things not so necessary. >> an inventor in japan is turning out a series of unique if not bizarre products aiming them at the common man. margaret conley has more from tokyo. >> reporter: meet tenji, japan's famous inventor of the useful and absurd. he gives creations range from umbrellas for shoes to hair splash guards to chop sticks with fans. his collection is called chindoku or unusual tool. today he shares with us his subway theories. wish lists for those crowded commutes. from a portable hand ring to a hanging seat. >> it's very useful. >> reporter: he demonstrates his portable inventions. i'm sure no one will mind this. his sign asks commuters to wake him up at his stop and this is his latest invention for sleepy passengers.
here at his lab the rules of chin doku are displayed. among them his inventions cannot be for real use. >> it is brass. utensils. and they fold. >> reporter: they are not for sale. and they cannot be created for the sole purpose of humor. while some call him an artist, a scientist or a humorist, his inventions change perceptions "i believe if everybody shares my idea of changing perception," he says "the world could change one invention at a time." margaret conley, abc news, tokyo, japan. >> at this hour i need him to invent something that does this for me all morning long. >> make a fortune with that sale. >> that is what is making news. >> get more from abc news later